and it all comes down to this... (2012)
This immersive experience created by performance and visual artist David Shearing will take you on a journey deep into the imagination. It is a story about triumph over adversity; the lone figure against the sea and the last throws of a dying star. At the centre of this image is you, absorbed in a landscape of video, sound and light. In the darkness the glistening sea reflects our image and it all come down to this.
The piece has been made in collaboration with writer Kamal Kaan and sound composer James Bulley. The project has been made with support from stage@leeds as part of their Professional Artist Development programme and financial support from Arts Council England.
Awarded Best Installation Design at World Stage Design 2013
Developed with support from stage@leeds Professional Artist Development program and Arts Council England.
Direction & Design: David Shearing
Text: Kamal Kaan
Composition: James Bulley
Supported and funded by University of LeedsArts Council England.

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