Trace of Gold Dust (2019)
What does an artistic life leave behind? Visions. Fragments. Ideas. Beauty. Signals. Traces. Gold dust…
Traces of Gold Dust by Michael Brockhurst, Jon Hughes, Laurence Payot, and David Shearing, is an immersive installation created in response to the artistic vision of award-winning performance designer and artist Becs Andrews (1978-2016).
Becs designed sets and costumes for dance, opera and theatre around the world. This dazzling body of work was necessarily ephemeral, lasting for as long as the performance, then living on only in the memories of the audience. In her artwork, Becs often sought to communicate something personal to capture the fleeting, transitory play of light.
This installation brings together four different perspectives from those close to Becs’ artistic and personal life. A collection of video fragments, captured in her everyday life is used as source material to create a new constellation.
Traces of Gold Dust is an exploration of memory and its intangibility; how memories can leave multiple traces, and can change on observation. Becs’ way of seeing is still inspiring us and still part of our lives.
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